Disposable Medical Curtains vs Reusable Medical Curtains: Why privacy & infection control is vital for patients

Disposable Medical Curtains vs Reusable Medical Curtains: Why privacy & infection control is vital for patients
February 26, 2019 Harrison Muller

Stopping diseases and infections from spreading between patients and between staff is essential to any practice.
That is why you need equipment and supplies which stop cross-contamination at its source – the patient. One of the easiest ways to do this is with hospital-grade medical curtains. But what’s better, disposable curtains or reusable curtains? Both have their pros and cons, and both are valuable in what they offer to your medical practice.

Want enhanced infection prevention? Then go with disposable!

When it comes to advanced infection prevention, then disposable medical curtains are essential. According to Infection Control Today, disposable medical curtains significantly improve infection prevention by stopping the building up harmful bacteria on curtains. Disposable medical curtains are also excellent at preventing liquids, like blood, and microorganisms from spreading between patients. In ICU wards and surgical rooms where the risk of cross-contamination is high, disposable medical curtains are the standard practice and are essential to ensure the health and safety of your patients and staff.

Think disposable curtains are bad for the environment? Think again!

The disposal of hospital waste is often an emotional environmental issue, but disposable medical curtains only make up a small fraction of medical waste. Properly segregating disposable curtains – as well as disposable gowns and drapes – from hazardous or ‘red bag’ waste can save your practice in significant waste-management costs. You’ll also be saving the environment, as you won’t be using the harsh chemicals and detergents needed to wash reusable curtains. As long as you are following proper medical and regulatory guidelines, then there is no reason why you should be disposing blood-soaked curtains alongside curtains used during a run-of-the-mill GP inspection.

Low-risk practices call for cost-effective reusable curtains.

If your practice doesn’t deal with high cross-contamination risks, then your most cost-effective option is to use reusable medical curtains. Medical laundry costs are generally far less than medical waste-management, meaning it will be cheaper, in the long run, for your practice to invest in reusable medical curtains than paying for disposable medical curtains to be safely removed. That’s why, if you’re a general practitioner or running a low practice with low cross-contamination risks, then reusable curtains are more suitable.

But no matter the risk, curtains need to keep their barrier qualities!

However, even if your practice doesn’t involve much infection risks, you are still going to have to ensure that your reusable medical curtains keep their barrier qualities after several dozen washes. Over time, medical curtains lose their barrier strength due to repeated washing, sun-damage and touching. This means that, even in low cross-contamination environments, your patients and staff may be at more risk of blood and viral penetration. That’s why it’s essential to buy high-quality reusable hospital curtains that are tough enough to last long term usage.

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