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In the healthcare industry, growth opportunities and unexpected challenges can occur at any time. But you don’t need to allow bumps in the road to stop you from doing what you do best! Access the funds and life-changing equipment you need with Midmed. We can arrange and provide two finance options: an Operating Lease or Rental Agreement.

Operating Lease Rental Agreement Short Term Hire

Operating Lease

An Operating Lease is simply a rental agreement. You avoid the risks associated with ownership and have no residual value liability.

An operating lease is an asset finance product with an off-balance sheet structure. The agreement is structured between two and ten years, and longer periods are possible. As with a rental product, businesses generally have three options at the end of the agreement:

1. Return the equipment;
2. Upgrade the equipment; or
3. Extend the agreement.

Operating Leases can also include ongoing maintenance and servicing costs in one regular monthly payment (fully maintained operating lease), which can greatly aid business cash flow as precise running costs are know well in advance.

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Rental agreement

A Rental Agreement is a pay-for-use asset finance product that is structured between two and ten years.

At the end of the agreement, businesses generally have three options:

1. return the equipment;
2. upgrade the equipment; or
3. extend the agreement.

A rental product is commonly used to:
• Use OpEx rather than CapEx to fund equipment;
• Smooth cash flow by agreeing to set payments over a specified period;
• Incorporate servicing and disposal costs into their agreed cash outlays.

A rental product can also offer operational flexibility by allowing the business to add or upgrade assets during the agreed period.

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Short Term Medical Equipment Hire/Rent

Midmed can also rent medical equipment by the day, week or month, with discounts available for longer-term needs.

We represent leading manufacturers who provide quality and reliability. Our rental products include standard, lightweight and bariatric wheelchairs, electric and manual hospital beds, lift chairs, stretchers and more. If you do not see what you want here, call us, and we can most likely rent it to you!

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