Is it time to change your medical supplier?

Is it time to change your medical supplier?
November 22, 2018 Harrison Muller

An inexperienced or unreliable medical supplier can have an incredibly negative impact on the operation of your hospital, medical practice, clinic or centre.

If you have been struggling with the dependability of your medical supplier, it might be time to revise what they should be doing for you. A great medical supplier will be customer-focused, quick to return your calls, eager to find solutions to your problems and make the ordering process as streamlined and efficient as possible. If your supplier cannot provide the services that you require, including those listed above, it may be time to look elsewhere. In this article, we delve into the advantages of having a top-notch medical equipment supplier by your side, and why making the change sooner rather than later is vital to the operability of your hospital or practice.

A customer-focused medical supplier can assist your medical practice or hospital to run efficiently and provide the best quality of care.

Does your medical supplier:

Stock the most trusted and reputable brands?

Does your medical supplier source only the best brands in the industry? Do they personally advocate these brands and know how the equipment works and holds up against competitors? Has the equipment been tested by medical practitioners and proven to be functional, durable and efficient? If your medical apparatus is constantly breaking down or wearing out quicker than it should, it may be time to delve a little deeper into the brands that your supplier offers. There’s nothing worse than unreliable equipment, especially when people’s health is at stake. You need to know that your medical supplier is delivering only the most trusted brands in the industry and that they aren’t afraid to go to the four corners of the globe to find them.

Have an extensive product range?

Do they stock surgical, treatment and medical supplies for medical practices, hospitals and pre-and-post-hospital care? Does their range include maternity equipment, patient transport systems, emergency and pre-hospital supplies, bariatric patient care, fit-outs and furniture? Can they help you to set up a new clinic with all of the essentials that you need? Having one medical supplier with a broad range of products available means that you don’t have to juggle multiple suppliers when you can’t find what you require. A medical supplier that’s part of the national distribution and service network is even better, as it means that even if they are out of a particular item, they can still source it for you in a timely manner. It’s so much easier to have one fully equipped supplier so that you can focus on caring for your patients rather than filling out a sea of order forms.

Provide flexible equipment rental options?

The best medical equipment can be costly to purchase outright, but the quality of care should never be sacrificed because of a lack of upfront funds. For this reason, it’s paramount that your medical supplier supports flexible equipment rental agreements. If something unexpected happens and you find that you cannot access the funds you need to purchase essential equipment, you should have the option to rent it instead. There are many advantages to renting medical equipment, beyond easing financial strain for your practice, centre or hospital. You can include ongoing servicing and maintenance in your rental package, or upgrade equipment as innovations are developed. Short-term medical equipment hire is also possible with flexible suppliers, meaning that you can rent machines and apparatus for a day, week or month when experiencing high volume periods.

A customer-focused medical supplier can assist your medical practice or hospital to run efficiently and provide the best quality of care.

Meet ISO standards for customer care?

Is it apparent that your medical supplier has a strong focus on customer care when you engage with them? Are they eager to meet your needs and make the ordering process as smooth and stress-free as possible for you? Only the most dedicated businesses are awarded an ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Certification. Is your supplier one of them? A medical supplier presenting this standard of customer care will go above and beyond to uncover solutions to challenges for their customers. It could be in the form of finding the best new product to replace a discontinued but essential piece of equipment. Furthermore, a medical supplier with this certification will continually assess their systems to ensure that they are providing only the best services to their clients.

Render ongoing, after sales support?

If you purchase your medical equipment and then do not hear from your supplier again until your next order, there is a very severe imbalance in your relationship. Your medical supplier should be actively involved in the lifespan of their products, and this means checking in on your satisfaction levels when operating the equipment. Servicing is also a vital component of ongoing support, and your medical supplier should have highly experienced service technicians at the ready, should you experience any issues with your equipment. Downtime is costly, so a fast response is necessary during a technical mishap to ensure your hospital, medical centre or practice runs smoothly at all times.

Is your medical supplier doing all of these things, and offering all of these services? If not, changing to one that does may dramatically boost your practice or hospital’s running efficiency and level of patient care. Midmed is Australia’s leading supplier of medical equipment and consumables. We’ve been in the business for over twenty years, and our wealth of experience means that our reliability and expertise are next to none! Contact us today to discuss how we can supply your hospital or practice with everything it needs.