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When seconds can be critical – you need solutions that are fast, effective, and direct.

Midmed has been supplying hospitals, EMS and military sectors with specialised equipment and product solutions to meet needs in critical and complex emergency situations. Midmed provides an extensive range of emergency and prehospital equipment. Our solutions focus on delivering superior clinical performance whilst meeting the demands of emergency carer staff for fast deployment, efficiency and ease of use – saving time, money and potentially lives.

As leading specialists in Australia for the supply of bariatric medical care, we recommend abdominal restraints for emergency bariatric patient transport. Our range contains a broad selection of products for emergency care and transport including tourniquets, stretchers, cervical collars, pelvic stablisation devices, triage solutions and splints. We also supply a range of devices for applications such as, sternal intraosseus, fluid warming and absorption and woundcare solutions.