Quality Bariatric Beds For Your Australian Patients

Quality Bariatric Beds For Your Australian Patients
February 27, 2019 Harrison Muller

Finding the right bariatric beds for your Australian patients can often be a challenging undertaking.

Extra care must be implemented to ensure that you are choosing beds that are not only comfortable for bariatric patients but which can also be safely and easily operated by care providers. If your Australian hospital or medical clinic is serious about providing quality care for its bariatric patients, then investing in top quality bariatric beds is an absolute must. At Midmed, we supply Sizewise and Proma Reha bariatric beds suitable for a range of patients and treatments. In this article, we have outlined the most beneficial features of our bariatric beds, and how they can expedite your patient’s recovery.

Low beds for bariatric patients

Low beds reduce the risk of patient falls and offer an ergonomic design which enhances convenience for both patient and care provider.

Sizewise Bariatric Behavioural Bed

The Sizewise Bariatric Behavioural Bed is ideal of dual-diagnosis patients who require more sophisticated features than those which a standard platform bed can offer. This fully electric bed provides enhanced security features, including footboard nursing lockout controls and tamper-resistant encased wiring. The importance of patient and care provider safety is reflected in this bed’s superior features. The Sizewise Bariatric Behavioural Bed will accommodate patients up to 385KG and has a very low deck height of just 19.05cm for ease of access.

Sizewise Bariatric Low Boy Bed

The Sizewise Bariatric Low Boy Bed also has a low deck height of 19.05cm, a high deck height of up to 78.74cm, and a maximum capacity of 385KG. The Low Boy is the ultimate bed for fall prevention and safe patient handling in Australian hospitals. It can be modified into a cardiac chair position, as well as 20° Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg. Patients can be transported with the Low Boy fixed in any height position, to reduce the risk of injury to care providers.

Rehabilitation beds for bariatric patients

Rehabilitation beds encourage patients to become involved in their rehabilitation plan and assist with a variety of therapies.

Sizewise Bari Rehab Platform 2

The Sizewise Bari Rehab Platform 2 is packed with convenient features to expedite the treatment process for bariatric patients and is fully motorised for easier transport within the facility. The bed includes cardio chair positioning and up to 15 degrees Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg. Patients will enjoy a higher level of independence when using the electronic hand controls. A range of mattress options are also available to assist with alternation therapy, pulsation therapy and rotational therapy. This bariatric bed has a weight limit of 450KG and expandable width of 100 cm to 120 cm. Sizewise Bari Rehab Platform 2 is widely advocated by Australian medical clinics offering longer-term bariatric care.

Proma Reha Bariatric Bed Titan

The Proma Reha Bariatric Bed Titan’s ergonomic design limits patient transfers to reduce risk and promote a safer treatment environment for Australian bariatric patients. The incorporated x-ray cassette is of particular value, as is the range of positions that the bed can be manipulated into. These include reversible lateral inclination, Trendelenburg, Antitrendelenburg, cardiac chair, anti-shock position and many more. The Proma Reha Bariatric Bed Titan is sturdy, reliable and user-friendly, with a weight capacity of 500KG.

Is your Australian medical clinic or hospital looking for high-quality bariatric beds to assist in the treatment of bariatric patients? Browse Midmed’s range of bariatric beds today or contact us to inquire about a product.