Bari Rehab 1

Bari Rehab 1

Bari Rehab 1

The Bariatrics Rehab Platform is designed to promote a safe and comfortable environment of care for the bariatric patient and care provider alike.

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With a weight capacity up to 455kgs, and an expandable deck allowing for widths of 100cm or 120cm, the Bariatrics Rehab Platform truly provides Real Therapy for Real People™. The Bari 1 provides a very economical solution for institutions seeking a cost-effective bariatric bed option.

This bariatric rehab platform allows patients to become involved in their care. Features such as the fold down side rail design, the low working height of the deck and the simplified hand control all reduce stress of the patient as well as the care provider. The Platform will transport in any high/low position to assist in reducing the risk of care provider injury and workers’ compensation claims; it will also go into a Cardiac Chair position with Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg to address patient care needs. The Bariatrics Rehab Platform is available in an extra long length and has a multitude of options including a full frame trapeze, built in scale system, battery back-up, and power drive.

A range of mattress options available

  • Low Air Loss Surface
  • Alternation Therapy
  • Full Body Lateral Rotation Therapy
  • Pulsation Therapy
  • Non-Powered Surface
  • Tri-Laminate Surface


  • Full frame trapeze
  • Battery backup

Contact Midmed or check out the PDF brochure link below to find out details of our full range and specifications.

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