TechniCare | Toba Shower Chair

TechniCare | Toba Shower Chair

TechniCare | Toba Shower Chair

An easy to clean, long lifespan electrical shower chair developed for a wide range of complex health situations.



TechniCare has developed in close cooperation with Dutch Doove Care Group a wide range of different shower chairs for every patient: TOBA Basic, TOBA XL, TOBA Junior, TOBA Extra Low, TOBA Move.

This electrical shower chair has been developed in cooperation with care-givers and patients to create an easy-to-clean and long lifespan shower chair.


The TOBA shower chair is made of stainless steel, has a long lifespan and is very easy to clean. It is possible to adjust the TOBA shower chair to the needs of the patient. It offers different adjustable positions to guarantee optimal use: Up and down, tilting function, Arm rests adjustable, Foot rest adjustable

The TOBA shower chair has been developed for all kinds of complex health situations and has been successful for patients for over 15 years. Some examples of complex health situations are among other: Bad body balance, Spasms, MS disease, Deformities.

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