Novymed Perlei – Children’s Cot

Novymed Perlei – Children’s Cot

Novymed Perlei – Children’s Cot

Modern and very practical electric high-low children bed / cot, available in various child friendly colour options.

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The children bed / cot is fully electrically adjustable by means of a hand control box and includes (Reverse-)Trendelenburg adjustment possibilities.


  • Dimensions mattress platform is 125 cm x 63 cm (49″ x 25″) (L x W)
  • Recommended mattress size: 125 cm x 63 cm (49″ x 25″)
  • External dimensions of the bed / cot approx.161 cm x 89 cm x 165 cm (63″ x 35″ x 65″) (L x W x H)     including bumper wheels[/one_half]

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Mattress platform

  • Mattress platform of perforated solid laminate with blind rim to prevent injury of hands and nails;
  • Perforated parts provided with holes to optimise the ventilation of the mattress;
  • The mattress platform is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance;
  • The bed is adjustable in Trendelenburg and Reverse-Trendelenburg position;
  • The maximal angle of the Trendelenburg and Reverse-Trendelenburg adjustment is 17º;
  • The (Reverse-) Trendelenburg adjustment is stepless by means of electric column motors activated by the hand control box;
  • Only the mattress platform moves when the Reverse-)Trendelenburg is activated;
  • The bed /cot can be provided optionally with a battery, By means of the battery all adjustments can be made during transport or power failure;
  • Mattress platform is provided with four clips to prevent movement of the mattress;
  • Mattress platform provided with holes for fixation materials.

Side guards

  • The side guards are constructed and mounted in such a way that in all positions they fit in the contours of the bumper wheels.
  • The side guards are mounted integrated on the bed/ cot;
  • The side guards have the following positions: completely down and completely up.
  • The height of the side guards measured from the top of the mattress platform up to the top of the side guard is 80,5 cm (32″) with the mattress platform  in lowest position and 30,5 cm (12″) with the mattress platform in highest position;
  • When the side guards are in lowest position and the mattress platform is on working height, the bed is perfectly accessible for bed making;
  • The side guards are made of steel bars;
  • No risk of injury of ligatures;
  • By means of two gas springs the side guards can be easily adjusted up or downwards;
  • Integrated lock and unlock mechanism in the side guard with extra visual safety. A colour sign indicates if the side guard is securely locked or not.
  • For safety reasons two hands are always required to put the side guards up or down.

Height adjustment

  • Height adjustment from approx. 79 cm to 119 cm (31″ to 47″) measured from the top of the mattress platform to the floor;
  • The height adjustment is carried out by two motors, activated by a hand control box and optionally by foot pedals;
  • The height adjustment is fully vertical. There is no horizontal movement of the mattress platform.


  • The base is made of firm steel tubes, creating a strong and sturdy frame;
  • The base is equipped with a metal cover that covers the electrical components;
  • The base is equipped with a provision for storage of the optional traction bar;
  • Free space from Floor to base is more than 15 cm (6″);
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance;
  • Maximum load approx.100 kg (220 lbs) (patient, mattress, accessories).


  • Four piece Steinco double track wheels Ø 150 mm (6″) with central braking system;
  • One of the wheels can be used as steering wheel;
  • The steering wheel is anti-static.


  • The bed / cot is easily movable and manoeuvrable by one person under normal circumstances, even with maximum load;
  • Optionally the bed / cot can be equipped with foot pedals for hands free operation of the height adjustment;
  • The electrical bed / cot functions can be switched off to avoid unwanted use by patients. Therefore the hand control box is equipped with a switch that can be locked by a separate key.
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