Eye Shield

Eye Shield

An eye shield designed to the specifications of active duty surgeons to protect the eye from further damage following a penetrating eye injury.



Penetrating eye injuries requires taking care to protect the eye from further damage, making the difference between saving sight and losing it. H&H designed the Combat Eye Shield according to the specifications of several active duty surgeons of OIF/OEF to cover penetrating eye injuries.

The Combat Eye Shield obtained a patented design (Design Patent No. D674,903) The Combat Eye Shield is designed to meet the CoTCCC guidelines for the treatment of penetrating eye trauma while providing a small, sterile package to fit in any trauma kit.


  • 6″ hydrogel disc to fully cover the wound area
  • Fox Eye Shield included
  • Hydrogel adhesive for reliable application
  • Latex free
  • Vacuum sealed sterile packaging

Video Tutorial

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