Manual Emergency Suction Unit | Suction Easy

Manual Emergency Suction Unit | Suction Easy

Manual Emergency Suction Unit | Suction Easy

A compact, powerful suction unit that can rapidly and completely open the upper airway and collect the contents that are expelled.



This compact, powerful suction unit is designed to effectively evacuate the oral pharynx in emergency situations. It is small enough to fit inside a first responder bag or carried in a pocket. It has a bulb designed to provide a vacuum force of approximately 100 mmHg. Generated by the ‘rebound’ of the bulb after each squeeze, contents are expelled into a collection bag attached to the outlet port. The bag and bulb hold well over 1,000cc. For convenience in disposal, the unit is also packaged in a bag with a two-part label so the user can peel off the top layer to expose a bio-hazard warning.

The Suction-Easy is ideal for use in emergency crash carts and can be easily store din a wall box for emergency suction in hospitals, clinics, surgery centers and physician offices.


  • Instant Availability – there’s no need to worry about batteries or electricity, as Suction-Easy is available for immediate use.
  • Powerful – enough suction and caliper to rapidly and completely open the upper airway
  • Reliable – with Suction-Easy there’s no down time and no clean up
  • Fits all Hand Sizes – ease of grip and compression regardless of hand size or grip strength
  • Safe – contoured suction tip and controllable vacuum prevent tissue damage
  • Easy Safe Disposal – just place in the original package with the exposed bio-hazard label
  • Compact Design – the size means minimal storage and carrying space requirements

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