Mortuary Lifters

Mortuary Lifters

Our Mortuary Lifters feature flow regulators, two steering wheels, and two free wheels.

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The electric lifting trolley is used both for the transport of bodies on stretchers and together with the cold rooms for the insertion and the extraction of stretchers by one operator. It is stainless steel with a double-scissors lifting frame to reach the 3rd upper place on the cold
room. The electric lifting is given by a manual control system for activation and regulation.

There is a flow regulator to prevent the load from lowering itself too quickly and damaging the operator. After it has been lifted it must be lowered. The supporting plane is used to place the stretcher that will be inserted in the proper cold room.It is equipped with 2 steering wheels and two free ones.


  • Length 1828 mm
  • Width 640 mm
  • Maximum height 1830 mm
  • Minimum height 420 mm
  • Load rating 225 kg


Our Mortuary Lifter Trolleys are used to transport cadavers on a stretcher, as well as to lift, insert and extract bodies into and out of Mortuary Fridges and Freezers.

The mortuary lifters are all constructed from stainless steel. They use a hydro/electric powered double scissor lift mechanism which allows one person to lift a cadaver simply by pushing a button.

The standard model has a load rating of 225kg. The bariatric model has a load rating of 300kg and may be used with either the standard or bariatric range of mortuary coolers.

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