Promotal | iQuest Examination Couch

Promotal | iQuest Examination Couch

Promotal | iQuest Examination Couch

This efficient, user-friendly designed couch will help treatment of patients with reduced mobility.



The Promotal iQuest Examination Couch is robust, comfortable, and easy to access. It is designed to facilitate three basic needs: equal treatment for people with reduced mobility, efficiency in performing medical examinations, and ergonomic use of equipment. Promotal has designed the iQuest sofa with a sleek and airy design that will improve your comfort and that of your patients with it’s safe, all electric movement including height, backrest, trendelenburg / reverse trendelenburg.


  • Make things easier for your patients with mobility limitation
  • Low 46 cm position provides easier access for patients
  • Patients can use the raised backrest for support when getting on the couch
  • Accommodates up to 250 Kg patient weight
  • Two programmed positions
  • Variable height from 46 cm to 93 cm
  • Numerous options and accessories available

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