Where to buy the best bariatric furniture in Australia

Where to buy the best bariatric furniture in Australia
December 17, 2018 Harrison Muller

High-quality bariatric furniture is an integral part of all hospitals, nursing homes and medical clinics.
Bariatric patients require specific care which includes the use of supportive and ergonomic chairs, beds, mattresses, mobility aids and treatment tables. Ensure that your bariatric patients experience comfort and security when treated in your facility by investing in only the best bariatric furniture in Australia. Where can you find this? At Midmed Australia’s online store! In this article, we explore why Midmed is Australia’s leading supplier of bariatric equipment and how you can improve the accessibility of your medical facility by ordering furniture through us.

A variety of furniture for bariatric patients.

Here at Midmed, we stock bariatric chairs, beds, stretchers, wheelchairs, commodes and toilets, mattresses, treatment tables and walkers. Everything your bariatric patients require for treatment, rest and recovery, specifically designed to provide the support that they need. Midmed’s range of bariatric furniture can accommodate patients over 300 kg. We stock bariatric equipment that will assist with treatment, including low resting patient beds designed for fall prevention, and pressure system mattresses which reduce discomfort caused by pressure ulcers.

Superior support.

Midmed’s range of bariatric chairs and recliners provide superior support for your patient’s back, neck, head, calves and feet. Even distribution of body weight is paramount to the comfort of every patient when sitting, and Midmed’s bariatric chairs are explicitly designed to support heavier bodies. Our champion recliners are available in power mode for enhanced patient autonomy.

Easy maneuvering.

Caring for bariatric patients also needs to be safe for your staff. Assisting and transporting bariatric patients while adhering to workplace health and safety procedures is achievable when using bariatric lifters and wheelchairs. Bariatric equipment is used to make treatment and care safer and more comfortable for both patients and nurses. Midmed’s bariatric wheelchairs have sturdy and reliable castors so that your patients always feel secure, while your staff can maneuver tight corners and congested waiting areas with ease.

Completely hygienic.

Maintaining strict levels of hygiene is essential for all medical applications, including the treatment of bariatric patients. Skin health is vital to the care of bariatric patients, as extended sitting and lying can result in trapped moisture and germs. It is important that all bariatric furniture be easy to clean and maintain on a regular basis to stop the spread of bacteria. At Midmed, we stock bariatric equipment that uses stainless steel frames to reduce the risk of cross infection. We use champion recliners because they place hygiene at the forefront, with their removable seats and swing-out arms making them incredibly simple to clean.

Ease of access and space efficiency.

Limited space for furniture can often be an issue in hospitals, waiting rooms, treatment rooms and clinics. Midmed sells bariatric chairs that include wall hugging features so that you can use your space efficiently. Midmed’s range of champion recliners can be positioned just six inches from the wall and still fully recline into all positions. You can ensure that all areas of your clinic are wheelchair and patient accessible while maintaining patient comfort when seated.

Shop Midmed’s extensive range of bariatric furniture today, or contact us to inquire about a specific product.